Wednesday, May 4, 2011

William + Kate's Post-Wedding Weekend, Details Revealed!

William + Kate's Post-Wedding Weekend, Details Revealed!: "


They more than deserved a few days of R & R after THAT wedding day!

Though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have postponed their actual honeymoon for a later date this summer, Prince William and Catherine did steal away this weekend to a private spot for some downtime together this weekend.

So where'd they go after the biggest day of the decade their lives?

Home! A royal insider explains:

'William and Kate spent their honeymoon weekend at home in Anglesey [Wales]. There were rumors that they were in various parts of Europe, but they actually just went home and stayed indoors the whole time. It was a cozy weekend.'

Sounds…perfect. No fanfare. No cameras. Just peace and quiet and the two of them together! How romantic!

[Image via WENN.]



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